S   P   A   C   E   P   I   G   S

sp o four - groedefragge (sauna kutti)

released at Revision 2011
placed 9th in the pc demo compo

6   4   4  

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                             ^   ^
                          pppp      o
              ooooooooooooo    \ /   o
     $     ooo                (O)O) oo___ 
      $  oo                             (..)
       $ o                   oooooooooooo
         o                       o        <--- la pig fröm space (spacepig)
         o                     o
         o                   ooo
         o                   oo
           ooo             ooo 
                 X X    X X

this is "sp o four - groedefragge (sauna kutti)"
la prodüction internacionll. asipk anall.
röbbis piere la revulücion. avec fückings to keöps.

Jocke/l Gustavson signing off.

ola, this is Parmesan, le main coder avec demo. ronny is playing and i sill hae
tö wirte süme cöde... this is going to be a prodütion extraördinary bombastique,
cantall! möremie cantall!!!

Parmesan siging off.

hello this is Weichkäse at the keybörd. 
i mäde öl de graphics in my Giraffes basement. 
i think it röcks! au re vouirs!


spacepgigs 2011

revisison'e la party BOMBASTIQUE!