S   P   A   C   E   P   I   G   S

sp04 - The Meteorik Acceptance Speech

released at Revision 2022
placed 12th in the pc demo compo

18   2   1  

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <title>The Meteorik Acceptance Speech</title>
  <originaltitle>Acceptance Speech of the Meteorik</originaltitle>
  <plot>The meteoriks demanded to accept a speech of acceptance which we honourably provided, laudably.</plot>
  <outline>A hydrant confronts its fate questioning the nature of the meteorik, unless he met a fate he did not expect. The sword of fate demands vengeance.</outline>
  <tagline>One hydrant, one meteorik, one plit twist. What's not to laugh at?</tagline>
  <set>Hybrid hilbert curves</set>
  <credits>Brie Shaman, Kringelk&amp;amp;3se, variOUS Artist;Jocke /l Gustavson</credits>
  <director>high end demo</director>
  <uniqueid default="true" type="imdb">31337</uniqueid>